About us

“Barska uljara” Ltd. was founded in 1998 under the name “Olioprom” Ltd., as a family company, relying on the century long olive growing and olive oil producing tradition of Martinović family.

The surface area of the production-commercial complex is around 11000 m2 with a central building having a gross floor area of 800 m2 that includes a contemporary olive oil production plant (oil mills) located in the 400 m2 basement, as well as the cold storage area situated at the ground floor of the building with an approximate storage volume of 1000 m3. The cold storage consists of four chambers equipped with the cooling system up to -20°C as well as another chamber with the cooling area that ranges from 0 to 10°C. An integral part of this complex represents the access road with parking on two levels with a surface area of approximately 2000 m2.

Barska uljara” Ltd. is well-known Montenegrin factory for olive oil production with the highest processing capacity, famous for the production of the first Montenegrin extra-virgin olive oil called “Barsko zlato” or „Gold of Bar“. It is the only company in Montenegro that offers a complete service in both primary and secondary olive sector – from planting and maintenance of olive groves, towards olive fruit processing, storage and packaging of olive oil, olive oil organoleptic assessment and quality control, following the most contemporary and professional technologies, accompanied by the highest work precision and efficiency.

The innovative step forward that „Barska uljara“ Ltd. made in both agricultural and technological areas led to a turning point in the olive oil sector of Montenegro as well as the high positioning of this branch in the agro-economy of Montenegro.

Barska uljara“ Ltd. – dictates the trends at the olive oil market of Montenegro.

Dr Marija Markoč Chief Executive Director


“Barska uljara” Ltd. will continue to establish its leading position in this industry by increasing the facility’s energy efficiency, by introducing a system of networked olive oil production waste valorization through pelleting, by expanding the range of products, by the constant investment in quantity increase as well as in maintaining the top quality of all the goods and services we offer, but as well by creating a complete agritourism experience in our olive groves.

“Barska uljara” Ltd. sets and dictates the trends on Montenegrin olive oil market. Every day, our team faces various business barriers, market changes and numerous challenges that agriculture brings. However, we successfully combat those obstacles in order to remove and overcome them by cherishing the teamwork and using an innovative approach, led by the knowledge and experience.

Being the only female person in the team of “Barska uljara” Ltd., as well as the only woman who manages an olive oil production factory in Montenegro, but as well the youngest doctor of science in management of primary and secondary olive and olive oil production in Montenegro, morally obliges me to give a social contribution and an individual stamp to this story, in order to encourage professional development of women in our society, their economic empowerment and leadership skills.

Đorđije Pavićević Owner
Dragutin-Dado Martinović Owner
Barska uljara - kolektiv
Barska uljara Team

Our awards

  • First award
    First award

    The silver medal winner in the category of 1267 olive oils from 28 countries world wide as the official representative of Montenegro at the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2022 after winning the national competition for the best extra-virgin olive oils and

  • First award
    First award

    First and central award at the renowned Italian manifestation VENOLEA – 1 PREMIO Olio della Storia

  • First award
    First award

    First award for the production of extra-virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols and membership of Aristoil Plus claster that gathers the heathiest olive oils in Mediterranean, awared by the Italian National Association of Oil Cities

  • Silver medal
    Silver medal

    Winner at the 24th Days of olive in Zadar, Croatia

  • An apsolute winner
    An apsolute winner

    Winner of the 75th International Agricultural Fair of Novi Sad, Serbia
    Grand Champion Cup of the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad with 12 gold and one silver medals won

  • Grand Champion Cup
    Grand Champion Cup

    Grand Champion Cup of the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad with 12 gold and one silver medals won

  • Gold medal
    Gold medal

    Gold medal for the best olive oil at the 73rd International Agricultural Fair of Novi Sad, Serbia

  • Two bronze medals
    Two bronze medals

    Two bronze medals at the leading Croatian festival dedicated to the olive growing and oil production “Noćnjak”“

  • Gold medal for the best olive oil
    Gold medal for the best olive oil

    Gold medal for the best olive oil in the category of extra-virgin olive oils at the leading Montenegrin event for olive growing and olive oil production “Maslinijada”

  • Business entity with the best credit rating in Montenegro for 2021
    Business entity with the best credit rating in Montenegro for 2021

Our company recognizes the “Good from Montenegro” mark, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro in April 2022, as a visual identification dedicated to local and national products of the excellent quality, which ultimate goal is promotion both on the domestic and international markets. Barsko zlato® has been the long-time bearer of “Made in Montenegro” trademark, and therefore our team believes that enriching Barsko zlato® etiquette with the “Good from Montenegro” mark will further influence the recognition of our olive oil, but also compete with imported olive oils present on the domestic market more significantly, as well as strengthen the path to the export of our high quality product. Barsko zlato® is the ambassador of Montenegro, while Barska uljara Ltd. continuously works on preservation of traditional values, while simultaneously following the world trends and standards in production technology.


The production premises of Barska uljara Ltd. are equipped with by two 2-phase olive processing lines that use the mechanical process of cold olive oil extraction. Both production lines are made by renowned Florentine manufacturer MORI-TEM, having the processing capacity of 250 kg/h and 500 kg/h, respectively. Furthermore, both of the production lines are reserved for the processing of hand-picked olive fruit in the period of optimal maturity. The olive processing line with a capacity of 250 kg/h is equipped with two vertical chambers, i.e. two vertical vacuum malaxers; thus preventing the entrance of the oxygen and possible spoilage of both organoleptic and chemical characteristics of olive oil caused by the oxidation process.

Barsko zlato® olive oil packaging plant has also been modernized during the last few years, by purchasing an automatic filler, capper and labeler with the packaging capacity of more than 500 bottles per hour, produced by well-known Italian manufacturer CanelliTech. The olive oil storage capacity at the Barska uljara Ltd. is approximately 160 tons settled in dozens of surface stainless steel tanks with a total capacity of cca 100 tons, as well as underground stainless steel tanks, coated also with the stainless steel, with a capacity of cca 60 tons. Therefore, our extra virgin olive oil may be stored in a professional and safe way, remote from the causes of possible organoleptic and chemical degradation causes.

According to the professional opinion coming from the competent national institutions and advisory services, “Barska uljara” Ltd. is the most professional factory for the production of olive oil in Montenegro. Contributing to this fact is that, for the first time in our country, one olive oil production plant is equipped with an OxiTester laboratory device, designed by renowned Italian producer FoodLab, which serves for internal and continuous qualitative chemical control of extra virgin and virgin olive oil.

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